Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Arrival of Pen Herbal Vaporizers in Australia

Article by WADE AGNEW

The overall health benefits of using a Herbal Vaporizer to access the active and beneficial alkaloids held within therapeutic herbs are already well known. With this in mind, the fastest growing sector of the global vaporizer market is the astonishing proliferation of small portable units, especially those known as "pen vaporizers". They are so called because they resemble a pen in both size and appearance.
Generally they are about 6 inches in length and are battery operated. There are a number of designs on the market, some with replaceable pre-filled "cylinders", others with small, compact "herb chambers" that you load as you go with your own chosen herbal mix.

Portable Vaporizers and in particular pen vaporizers are getting smaller and more efficient every day. This is largely driven by advances in battery technology and manufacture. Basically small, powerful "lithium ion" batteries have made all this possible; the pinnacle of this current phenomena is the Pen Vaporizer. They provide the flexibility and convenience to vaporize anywhere at any time, without being limited by the availability of a power outlet.
Portable Pen Vaporizers are discrete and popular for a number of reasons.

1. They are small and easily concealable.
2. They are battery powered for convenience.
3. The vapour they produce has little or no discernable odour and quickly dissipates.

Unlike vapour, smoke lingers leaving a highly recognisable smell. If heaven forbid, law enforcement were to kick your door open or pull you over for a road side stop, there would be no smelly residue to betray your hobby.
A new arrival on the Pen Vaporizer market is the Buddy Pen Pro from VapoRite, already a world leader in the manufacture of Herbal Vaporizers. The Buddy Pen Pro adds to an already very impressive range. It is designed to vaporize any dry herbal mix, and comes with an innovative glass screen which attaches to the heating element, preventing the mix from getting too hot and combusting.

Buddy Pen Pro is a true Vaporizer with a sleek discrete design and heats up in seconds. The battery can be quickly and easily charged using the USB charger provided; simply plug into any computer, recharge the battery, and you are ready to vaporize again. It also comes as a complete kit including;
1. Battery, herb chamber, connector with metal spring, mouthpiece with ceramic screen.
2. Five glass screens
3. Cleaning tool.
4. USB charger.

The Buddy Pen Pro is available exclusively in Australia from Cheating the Hangman. Check it out on our websites below;

Check out more information on this topic here and connect with them at their Google+ page.