Monday, July 8, 2013

What is the Best Herbal Vaporizer in Australia?

Article by WADE AGNEW

So you are thinking about buying a Herbal vaporizer to consume your favourite herbs. What are the benefits of a vaporizer? What is the best value vaporizer to buy? How much should you spend? What is the most efficient vaporizer design? These are all questions you should be asking, and we will try to help you answer them in this article. As Herbal Vaporizers proliferate on the Australian market, the choice becomes harder and more complicated. What about warranty, after sales service and the availability of parts and accessories in the future? What if something goes wrong? Can I rely on the company selling my Herbal Vaporizer?

You should look to source your Vaporizer from a local company, and one with plenty of experience selling and servicing Vaporizers. You don’t want to be a guinea pig for some organization just starting out; with little or no expertise in the field. You should buy your Vaporizer from someone who knows what they are doing; someone with an established track record with plenty of satisfied customers already.

The operation of any Herbal Vaporizer is to cleanly and efficiently extract all the active alkaloids held within the moisture content of your chosen herbs. This is ideally achieved by heating the herbs just to the point of vaporization but NOT to the higher temperature of “combustion”; this temperature varies from herb to herb. Most critically the Vaporizer should heat the herbal mix gently to the point of vaporization, without any combustion at all; no burning means no smoke. With combustion, carcinogens and toxic byproducts are released in the smoke. This not only burns your lungs, but these byproducts are very detrimental to your overall health, and defeat the whole purpose of using a Vaporizer.

The Herbal Vaporizer you choose should have accurate temperature control; this is essential to pin point the exact vaporization temperature for your chosen herbs. Direct heat Vaporizers tend to be very ineffective and wasteful of herbs; they are commonly called “soldering iron” designs. It is almost impossible to accurately target the Vaporizer temperature required using these units. They routinely produce more smoke than vapour, and are largely a waste of money.

Herbal Vaporizers that slowly heat your herbs by drawing heated air over the mix are known as “hot box”, and there are a number of different design adaptations. These include a vapour delivery device known as a “whip” or “hand piece”. The whip is loaded with a small amount of ground herbal material. Inhaling air through the whip draws air over the heating element, heating the air in the process. This heated air from the Vaporizer passes over the herbs, vaporizing the alkaloids in the process. You then inhale the vapour to receive the benefits. These are generally very efficient Herbal Vaporizers, with little or no waste of your herbs or the vapour produced. The whip has a Pyrex glass piece at the end that attaches to the heating element. This heats the air inhaled through the whip as it is drawn over the herbs. By varying the inhalation, the user of a “hot box” Herbal Vaporizer has the ability to control the quantity of vapour produced; the more air and the faster it is drawn over the element of the vaporizer, the more vapour produced. This whole system is very efficient; you can use the residue for making herbal tea or cooking.

In the best “hot box” Herbal Vaporizers, the heating element has a ceramic core; inert and non toxic, hence completely safe as the vaporizer heats up. This is clean and safe technology. We are confident that this design represents the very best value for money of any Vaporizer available on the market, while providing a safe Vaporizer experience.

You should also make sure the Herbal Vaporizer you choose has current safety and quality certification; look for the “mark” on the vaporizer box; CE ROHS or FCC. Whether it is from Europe, the US or Australia, these trademarks are important and mean something, especially with so many counterfeit Vaporizers flooding the global market. What if something goes wrong with the Vaporizer you purchase? You should always buy from a local distributor. Without someone on the ground locally, should they occur, your Vaporizer problems will multiply. 
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