Monday, July 8, 2013

What to Ask Buying a Marijuana Vaporizer in Australia

Article by WADE AGNEW

With so many herbal vaporizers now on the market, it’s hard to know where to start. But here are a few questions you should be asking before you buy;

      Do all vaporizers work the same way?

      What vaporizer design works best?

      Do herbal vaporizers waste your herbs?

      Are all vaporizers safe to use?

      What is the best value design?

      Can you buy a vaporizer locally in Australia?

      What if something goes wrong?

      Should your vaporizer come with a warranty?

      How much should I pay for a good vaporizer?

There are a few different vaporizer designs available. Direct heat models rely on heating the herbs by contact with a heated surface. These tend to involve combustion because the temperature of the unit is hard to control with any accuracy. Consequently we recommend you avoid these vaporizers. Other designs use hot air to heat the herbs as it is drawn over them through a device called a whip or hand piece. These vaporizers are commonly called “hot box” and the best of these models generally produce very good outcomes; creating maximum vapour without any smoke. This is the whole point of the exercise; to avoid heating the herbs to the point of combustion. The temperature required for vaporization is much lower than this; usually less than 180 degrees Centigrade.  The hot box designs on the whole are very efficient, with very little waste, just plenty of good, clean vapour.

Regarding safety, you should avoid any vaporizer that doesn’t carry International quality and safety certification (CE, ROHS, FCC). These marks indicate that the product has conformed to US, European and Australian safety and quality standards, and therefore emit no harmful byproducts when used. With the proliferation of counterfeit vaporizers on the market, and even though it’s illegal to sell them without marks in most countries, many still find their way onto the market. Without certification, it is impossible to know if you are inhaling harmful industrial byproducts with your favourite herbs. Check out the marks on the vaporizer box; they’re important.

If you are buying a herbal vaporizer in Australia, look for local distribution in case something goes wrong with your purchase, or to conveniently source accessories and spare parts in the future. Also make sure the supplier you choose has experience providing herbal vaporizers. This is a very specialized field, and you need to be confident they know what they’re doing, and are not a fly by night operator looking for a quick buck. We believe it is possible to buy an efficient, quality vaporizer with warranty in Australia, from a reliable, local company and guaranteed safe delivery, for under $200.

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