Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Use Herbal Vaporizers for Natural Healing

Aromatherapy is increasingly becoming popular because people have started to recognize the healing powers of plants with their essential oils and aromatic compounds. For those who are new to aromatherapy, a quality vaporizer is used to provide heat to release the healing properties of the plants and herbs. For example, chamomile which is a relaxant known to ease nervous conditions, anxiety and depression has to be vaporized at a temperature of approximately 340oF or 190 Celsius to provide relief.

Why vaporizing is a better choice than smoking
If herbs and plant materials are vaporized, the patient experiences the healing properties without exposing themselves to unsafe toxic byproducts. The process of combustion releases chemicals and carcinogens that are unsafe to health. While the patient experiences the benefits of the herbs, they are also exposing their body to danger which makes healing ineffective. The introduction of quality vaporizer in the market has provided a safe alternative to smoking. Because heat is controlled, the patient gains the benefits from the healing properties of the plant materials without exposing their body to hazardous substances. In fact, a patient will gain the medicinal benefits from medical marijuana if it is vaporized in a quality vaporizer.

How is medicinal cannabis vaporized?
Many health providers suggest medicinal cannabis for pain relief but it is suggested to use a quality vaporizer instead of smoking. The proper administration of medicinal cannabis is through the vaporizer not through smoking that is harmful to the lungs. Almost all kinds of vaporizers can be used for cannabis but it is important for the plant to be ground finely before it is vaporized. It is also important not to pack the plant too tightly otherwise it can block the air stream that will cause cannabis to become too hot to cause combustion. The optimal vaporization temperature varies between 365oFand 450oF (185 – 210oC) so that the medicinal properties will not be affected. It is important to ensure that you use a quality vaporizer since those that are sold cheaply do not actually display the actual vaporization temperature. It is also important to read the vaporizer manual for instructions on how to use the device.

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