Sunday, January 25, 2015

Why Purchase Your Herbal Vaporizer

If you want to gain the best benefits from dried herbs and plants for healing, use a vaporizer. The herbal vaporizer will release the aromatic components into a healing vapour that is free from toxic substances. In your herbal vaporizer selection, it is important to consider several factors that will ensure you obtain the best possible herbal vaporizer according to your specific requirements.

Choosing a portable or desktop Vaporizer
A portable vaporizer can be used while on the go while the desktop vaporizer is what you use at home. While both types have the same level of functionality, the desktop version of an herbal vaporizer is a better option because it offers a variety of ways to inhale like the balloon, whip or water-type extensions. With the portable vaporizer, you are limited to inhaling from the unit mouthpiece only. 

Heating methods of Herbal Vaporizers
In the herbal vaporizer selection, you have to make a decision between the two heating methods: convection or conduction. Convection is a superior method to conduction but it is more difficult and expensive. Conduction is more common in the portable vaporizers but there is a bigger risk of combustion instead of vaporization. If the process results in uneven heating, periodically shake the materials. 

Vaporizing at a consistent temperature
Consistent temperature control is one of the most important factors in herbal vaporizer selection to ensure that the specific ingredients of the dried herbs are released. The digital vaporizer allows you to view the operating temperature from the display. When you vaporize medicinal cannabis, the temperature should be set at 180oC - 200oC (356oF - 392oF).You can also set the temperature control to adjust heat according to the speed of inhalation. 

Making a choice for the power source
In the herbal vaporizer selection, you need to make a choice for power source. The desktop vaporizer usually includes a wall adapter while the portable vaporizers rely on rechargeable batteries. Although there are some vaporizers that work on butane, most have batteries which must have replacement warranty from the manufacturer. The choice for the power source is more of a personal decision, since if you vaporize while on the go, your best option is the portable vaporizer working on batteries.
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