Friday, May 8, 2015

Features of the Vapormax Portable Vaporizers

The Vapormax V 5 is a durable Portable Vaporizer for dry herbs, that is simple to use with a single touch of a button. It incorporates a ceramic heating element, delivering clean, inert vapour through a new borosilicate glass mouthpiece; vapour without harmful by-products. Another feature of the Vapormax is the freedom from extra accessories required to vaporize on the go; no more to carry or be concerned about.
  • Analogue temperature control
  • Precise Pre-set Temperature
  • Durable anodized aluminium body in a choice of colours
  • Ceramic herb chamber for even, inert vaporization
  • New borosilicate glass mouthpiece
  • 2 internal 2600 mAh Samsung Lithium-Ion batteries
  • Short Circuit Safety Protection
  • Overheating Warning Light
  • Automatic 10 minute Shutdown (lights blink 4 times)
  • Discreet Storage for extra herbs or stashing mouthpiece
  • Easy operation (single button) for convenience. 
  • Press 5 times to activate, with 3 sec hold down to heat. 
  • Ready to use when the SW light goes from red to green!
  • 10 minute vaporization cycle
  • Takes 3 hours to fully charge
The Vapormax V5 offers vaporization free from combustion or burning by utilizing the very latest advanced aromatherapy heating technology.
With constant controlled temperature and rapid heating system, the Vapormax V5 provides an uninhibited 10 minutes of the very purest vaporizing of dry herbs per session. This is combined with the fastest heating up time of any Portable Vaporizer on the market today; less than 40 seconds. The exclusive sleep mode option means that consecutive vaporizing sessions are also much faster, providing a second heating time of just 30 seconds.
The Vapormax V5 is a small pocket sized Vaporizer (60x22x106mm), it is very easy to operate with no cumbersome accessories to worry about. You can simply carry it around like an iphone. When you are ready to vaporize simply remove from your pocket and away you go.
It comes with a discreet storage space in the bottom, that enable you to carry additional herbs without the need for a separate stash container.
The Vapormax is also considerably cheaper than comparable Portable Vaporizers currently available in Australia.

Operating Instructions for the Vapormax V5 Vaporizer.

Use the slider located on the bottom of the Vapormax, take out the glass mouthpiece, open the slider at the top, and simply screw the mouthpiece into the Vapormax V5.
Before attaching the mouthpiece, place a small quantity of your herbal mix in the ceramic chamber (be careful not to overload) and attach the glass mouthpiece
Press the SW button(see diagram) and hold down for 3 seconds and release, the indicator light will illuminate red, and the ceramic chamber automatically begins to heat.
When the Vapormax reaches the "set" temperature, the indicator will illuminate green, and it is now ready to use.
The Vapormax heating cycle is 10 minutes. At this time the green indicator light goes out, and the Vaporizer starts to cool down. You can repeat this process as required. Reload the chamber when the vapour stops being produced.
When you are finished your vaporizing session, press the SW button and hold down for 3 seconds; the chamber starts to cool down, and the green light goes out, but the "white" light inside the heating chamber stays on.
The Vapormax V5 is now in "sleep mode".

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