Saturday, July 25, 2015

Herbal Vaporizers and the Science

There is set of scientific principles that underpins the functioning of any Herbal Vaporizer, and it is the concept of vaporization. So now what exactly is this process you may ask? What is vaporization and how does it work, and how does it apply to a Vaporizer? These are all excellent questions. To begin with, all the known elements existing on the planet have their own unique set of conditions to enable them to vaporize; a combination of correct temperature and the external energy applied. When these conditions are present in the correct proportions, the element will vaporize. Let us take water as a case in point. For this, the required temperature is commonly referred to as its boiling point, and happens to be 100 degrees Centigrade. Such temperatures not only for water but for any compound, are referred to as the latent temperature of vaporization. The operating principal of your Vaporizer is to target this specific temperature for the herbal mixture in question. Even though the herbal mix in the case of cannabis is obviously a solid compound, the water or moisture content of the herbs is the key to this process.

How to Access these Alkaloids:
The alkaloids of the plant are held within the moisture content, so when the heat is added to this mix, the compound constituents are agitated and will break free from this captive state in the form of vapour. This magic transformation produces a vapour rich in the active alkaloids of the plant material; the vapour is a vehicle through which these constitutes are delivered to the user. Eventually there will be nothing remaining except a dried out plant residue, deserted of all the active ingredients.
This clearly shows what is meant by vaporization, and also indicates you must experiment with not only the various temperature setting on a Herbal Vaporizer, but also the length of time that heat is applied to the mix in order to achieve an optimum result. To get the best performance, you need not only the best design of Herbal Vaporizer, but you have to master the concepts above and apply all of them correctly. This involves a unique application of the science by the user to achieve the best output from the Vaporizer.

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