Friday, July 10, 2015

Vapormax V5 Portable Vaporizer is Now Even Better

The already incredibly popular and successful Vapormax V5 Portable Vaporizer is now even better than ever, with the introduction of the all new Vapormax V5.OS. Now with three simple to select heating temperatures, the new Portable comes with a Borosilicate glass mouthpiece for safer and more efficient inhalation of your vapour.
The Vapormax V5.OS kit includes two stainless steel replacement screens, plus a convenient, discrete sealable stash compartment to store your extra herbs, or to hold the mouthpiece when not in use to keep it safe and secure.
The new VaporMax V5.OS is durable and easy to operate even for the novice, vaporizing with a simple press of a button. The temperature selection is equally simple, using the same single button. The safe ceramic element and heating chamber, combined with the borosilicate glass mouthpiece provide clean vapour, free from any dangerous contaminates. No further accessories are needed to start vaporizing when you open the box. The VaporMax V5.OS provides three temperature settings identified by different colour LED lights on on/off button; simple and fast.

Blue light = 195C
Purple light = 205C
Red light = 215C

Features of the VaporMax V5.OS Portable Vaporizer:
·         Analog temperature controls
·         Three Set Temperatures
·         Low voltage alarm
·         Clean ceramic heating chamber
·         Borosilicate glass mouthpiece
·         Two 2600 mAh Lithium Ion batteries
·         Protected from short circuit
·         Automatic turn off after 10 minutes
·         Discrete storage compartment
·         Hard wearing aluminium case
·         Easy operation using one button
·         Press button 5 times turn off/on
·         Press button and hold down 3 seconds to heat
·         Ten minute heating cycle
·         Unit fully charged in three hours

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