Tuesday, August 4, 2015

VaporMax V8: The Ultimate Portable Vaporizer

If you are looking for the ultimate top of the line Portable Vaporizer that heats to 180C in 20 seconds, then you need look no further; the new VaporMax V8 is the right choice. The unit feels sensational in your hand; smooth and sensual, and represents the culmination of ten years in Portable Vaporizer design and battery technology. Why sit around for ten minutes and wait while your old generation Herbal Vaporizer heats up; the all new VaporMax V8 reaches operational temperature in less than 30 seconds, and provides a generous 150 minutes of heating/vaporizing time for you on the road, before requiring a recharge. On top of this good news, the three in built Samsung new generation batteries are guaranteed to give you at least 500 charges during the lifetime of the VaporMax V8 Portable Vaporizer.

Advanced Portable Vaporizer Technology
The VaporMax V8 is an advanced OLED display Portable Herbal Vaporizer, with full precision temperature control. In the range of 40 to 230C, all heating changes can be followed on the easy to read digital screen. The high grade, compact ceramic heating chamber and retractable borosilicate glass mouthpiece, make the entire vaporizing process extremely simple, producing the desired outcome of vaporization, rather than combustion. Burning or combustion destroys the key alkaloids present in herbs, as well as releasing unwanted by products, while the Vaporizer provides only good clean vapour to the consumer.
There are many Portable Herbal Vaporizers on the market, with the number multiplying daily, but none as streamlined and beautiful as the new generation VaporMax V8. This is absolutely the ultimate Portable Vaporizer on the market.

Features of the VaporMax V8 Portable Vaporizer
1.   Vaporizer size is 70 x 148mm
2.   Powered by 3 x 2000mAh Li-polymer 11.1 volt batteries
3.   Heating chamber capacity - 2.25ml/ 600mg
4.   Temperature range 40C – 230C
5.   Heating time Max of 20 seconds
6.   Safety heat cut off - 5 minutes
7.   Heating time - 150 minutes (fully charged)
8.   Battery low warning (battery icon on display flashes)
9.   Safety provided by dual PCB/IC protection

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