Wednesday, September 23, 2015

How to Choose the Best Herbal Vaporizer

When confronted by a vast array of models, how do I choose which one to buy? First of all it will depend on your situation, and the application or purpose to which the unit will be put. As a general rule, the best units will provide extremely good results, providing you with first class vapour with little or no smoke. This is the name of the game. Ideally what you want is all vapour and no smoke, the primary point of the entire process. By now you will realise there are many styles and models of Marijuana Vaporizer on the market, all using various methods to heat the mix to vaporization temperatures required. Contact heat models are reliant upon the herbs coming in direct contact with some sort of heated surface. Unfortunately these more often than not involve combustion to some degree, because the temperature is hard to control with the required precision. As a rule we advise our customers to stay well away from them. They are not worth the money you pay for them. Other devices utilize hot or pre-heated air being drawn over the herbal mixture, generally through the agency of a hand piece; better known as a whip. They are referred to in the trade as hot box Vaporizers. The central thesis of vaporization is the temperature required; it really is ultimately the primary concept of the exercise; it's considerably less than the temperature needed for combustion. So a Marijuana Vaporizer can function in a much lower range. For the vast majority of herbs this is around 170-190C. Generally speaking the hot box style Vaporizers are very effective with little or no waste. The up side is they provide a large amount of top quality pure vapour. As well as standard electric models, there are now battery powered Portable Vaporizers, and some even smaller units known as Pen Vaporizers on the market. Not only do these Portable Vaporizers give great results, they have the added bonus of providing you the power and freedom to vaporize on the road, any time and anywhere you desire. It is the ultimate user friendly technology.

Vaporizer Safety Considerations: 
The safety of any Herbal Vaporizer you purchase is obviously important. We would strongly advise that you ensure the unit comes with International safety and quality certification (CE, ROHS, FCC). These symbols will advise the buyer the product adheres to all US, European and Australian safety and quality standards. Beware of any fake and Vaporizer copies; there continues to be many of these in the marketplace, so watch out for them. If you use these products, you could be breathing in dangerous chemicals and toxic fumes along with any vapour produced. These safety symbols are extremely important, so watch out for these and be aware of what you're buying. If you prefer to purchase your Herbal Vaporizer from a trusted provider who introduced those very first Herbal Vaporizers into Australia in 2006, you can do no better than buy from Cheating the Hangman; first for your Marijuana Vaporizer requirements.

Where to Purchase the Best Value Vaporizer?
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