Friday, October 9, 2015

Your Vaporizer Choice is Critical

Having been supplying Herbal Vaporizers since 2006, we are totally confident the hot box design represents the ultimate system for efficiency of any Herbal Vaporizer on the market. These units pull heated air over the mix, bringing it gradually to the vaporization temperature. It will not only provide a unique and completely safe vaporizing experience, but do so without wasting any of the valuable herbs in the process. So they are safe and effective, you can’t ask any more from any Herbal Vaporizer. To make the specific choice from within that particular design system is a little more problematic, as any choice you make then really becomes a personal one. Within the design parameter of the best “hot box” Vaporizers, the heating element consists of a ceramic core which has the advantage of being non-toxic, meaning it produces no harmful by products or fumes, offering ultimate Vaporizer technology.

There are a few fundamental points to consider; things that will make your choice a relatively easy one in the end. A temperature control mechanism is crucial; you need to be able to heat within a certain range, and you must be able to pin point a precise temperature setting within that range. All the herbs need different temperatures to vaporize and you need to be able to find them quickly and with precision. Without this important facility, the process becomes trial and error and guess work; this is not good enough. It is for this reason that the contact heat design Vaporizers fall well short, being very hard to find any temperature with any precision. They are referred to with some derision as soldering iron Vaporizers, and we consider them extremely poor value. As well they are very wasteful and inefficient. They produce lots more smoke than vapour; you may as well just throw your money away. Box Herbal Vaporizers use a vapour delivery system made from all glass that is referred to as a whip or “hand piece”. 

You just place your herbs in the chamber and attach the device to the pre-heated element. As you inhale through the glass mouthpiece, the heated air is drawn over the element, and vapour produced is inhaled. The hot air from a Cannabis Vaporizer passes over the herbs, vaporizing the alkaloids. The vapour produced is clean and the results are immediate and wonderful; they are very productive Vaporizers, with minimum waste and maximum assets compared to smoking. The whip consists of a Pyrex section that connect to the heating element. You can control the vapour production by manipulating your breathing. The harder you suck the more the vapour output. This entire system is very productive, with little or no waste; this is the ideal result for any Cannabis Vaporizer.

Where to Purchase the Best Value Vaporizer?
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